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Since 1906, we have been hosting national and international leaders and experts to deliver thought-provoking talks on a wide range of topical issues from politics to science, leadership, innovation, business, healthcare and technology. Our events run from September to June, and are streamed live by our Season Sponsor and Exclusive Educational Partner, Huron University College. All events are free to our members. Non-Members are welcome and can purchase registrations for specific events. Each event is available for sponsorship.

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2022/2023 Season


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Exclusive sponsorships are available to individuals, businesses and organizations and are now being snapped up.
Sponsors receive prominent association with the event, both leading up to and during it.  They also have the opportunity to introduce the speaker during the virtual event and promote their organization. A block of registrations for the respective event is provided.  Event sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reserve your event sponsorship today for only $150 (HST Exempt).

To inquire about sponsorships for any of the available events listed, the Canadian Club of London can be reached at connect@canadiancluboflondon.ca


Our Thanks

The Board of Directors again wish to thank Huron University College, Campus Creative and Connect.Dot Management for ensuring the Canadian Club of London continues its tradition of bringing Canadian stories to the community.

On behalf of our Corporate Partners, we wish to express our gratitude to the community for their continued support during a period in our history when communicating and remaining engaged is more important than ever.



The Canadian Club of London was founded in 1906 and has continued unabated through two world wars, the cold war, depressions, recessions, epidemics and many other seismic events. No surprise then that Covid-19 did not interrupt our 115-year tradition.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am excited to announce the Canadian Club of London is once again planning ten monthly virtual speaker events from September 2022 to June 2023. Please see our Upcoming Event schedule for details.


Continued Partnership:


We are also pleased to have Huron University College partner with us again this year. As our Official Season Sponsor and Exclusive Educational Partner, Huron will be hosting each of the virtual events through online platforms and will provide support for the delivery of the sessions to ensure a continued quality experience for our members. The Canadian Club of London is honoured to partner with Huron University College and wish to express our sincere appreciation for graciously offering their services to ensure we continue delivering engaging and insightful speakers that celebrate and explore all things Canadian.



As instituted last year, we are adopting a more streamlined and cost effective means of providing our programming to you. All virtual events are free of charge to members, both individual and corporate members. Memberships can be purchased here.


Membership fees remain unchanged for the upcoming 2022/2023 season:
Annual Individual Membership fees are $50 plus HST
– includes all virtual events, FREE
Annual Corporate Membership fees are $300 plus HST
– includes all virtual events, FREE for primary representative
– includes all virtual events, FREE for staff or students (first come first served – overall registration limited).



We will again be offering sponsorship opportunities to individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions:
Event Sponsorship: $150 (HST exempt)
– 30 registrations to sponsored event
– identification as sponsor on all pre-promotional materials, digital or otherwise
– audio/video identification and the opportunity to introduce/thank the speaker during the event

A message from our President

Welcome to the Canadian Club of London- one of the oldest continuing organizations in the city.  Since 1906 we’ve hosted high profile meetings and prominent speakers to highlight and discuss relevant issues of local and national interest.


I’m excited to contribute as the newly elected President to an organization that celebrates great Canadian achievements and tackles important topics that affect us as a community.

The 2022-23 line-up features an impressive list of speakers, and while most of this season’s sessions will be virtual, we do hope to host a few in-person events to continue the tradition of coming together to learn, build a sense of community, to celebrate or ask challenging questions during difficult times.


Your feedback is important.  If you have suggestions for speakers, questions about memberships, sponsorships, or ideas of how we can serve the community better, please contact me directly; connect@canadiancluboflondon.ca


Finally, a BIG thank you to our members and the sponsors- we can’t do this without you!!



David Farough


Canadian Club Of London